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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #153

"Sorry this has taken me a while, it arrived on Thursday morning and cheered me up ridiculously as I wasn't very well. Had to take myself to work in the afternoon and haven't been home since... but here it is :)

I opened two layers of waterproofing to find a beautifully sparkly Christmas box, finished with a fabulous feather. With the box was a card which said:

"Dear curious person! I hope you like this little present and that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. With love, another curious person xxx" and a list of the contents. 

Once again, although we're strangers, it feels like my sender knows me - everything that was in the box was utterly gorgeous and SO me... I have been wearing the brooch to work and lots of people have asked about it - I love being able to spread knowledge of the Curiosity Project :) Completely overexcited about the craft items, especially the jar of inspiration - cannot wait to start making things over the Christmas break :D The candles and holder are making my living room smell gorgeous this evening now I'm back, and I have munched the Roses already - lol, chocolate addict! Sadly Royal Mail had been less than gentle and my little glass bird was broken, but otherwise everything was perfect :) 

Thank you so, so much - I hope you're even half as delighted with your parcel, curious sender... and I hope you have a very merry Christmas and glorious New Year!"

Much love, Carla xx

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  1. :D Thank you again, curious person - I'm wearing my brooch to work today! Happy Christmas xx