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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #154

"My box arrived mid last week and to start with I got excited about the snowflakes while you were out card from the royal mail.

However work got in the way and it was Saturday before I could join what seemed like the rest of Tooting to retrieve my package - by the time I managed to get my package I had to dash out again and I knew I wanted to have time to sit down and savour my box so it was Sunday night before I got to tear off the brown paper. I was not disappointed opening the brown paper I came across a sparkly polka dot box - things got even better when I opened the box up and discovered it was padded with silver tinsel (why didn't I think of that?!?).

Under the tinsel was a lovely collection of beautifully wrapped presents:
- Wonderful lip balm and hand scrub to keep me looking gorgeous in this horrible weather
- A fantastic tree decoration for my Christmas tree
- A brooch that had belonged to the sender's grandmother - I was bowled over by this touching gesture
- An amazing bracelet in two of my favourite colours - pink and purple - that I can't believe the sender made herself (that will definitely be adorning my wrist on Christmas day!)
- Some beautiful vintage lace trims
- A little pack of gorgeous pre-loved fabrics that I can't wait to make something with. 
- Some brilliant magnets which are already on my fridge door
- A lovely collection of one of my favourite things - buttons!
- And as an added bonus, there were some Thorntons choccies sprinkled in!

Thanks again my wonderful curious friend J - you have prepared a really thoughtful and fantastic set.

Merry Christmas everyone!"



  1. Tinsle, what a good packing idea, mental note.........next year!

  2. I'm so glad you love your curiosity box, I had so much fun selecting the items for you! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2012. Jilly x

  3. Thank you Jilly I really love all of it and I still can't believe you made the bracelet! I hope you too have a lovely Christmas and that 2012 is a fab year for you too. A x