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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #155

 "I am so enthralled and bewitched with my box. Upon opening it I was greeted with the world's best sight bar none - brown paper packages (no string though!). First I opened the christmas card, which gave me a detailed explanation for the choice of all the items, and I must say I was simply touched by how much thought and attention went into each gift.

I'm both a tea and a book lover, so my goodies went down a treat. I oohed and ahhed over the book journal, especially as its got lots of pages to fill out about what I've been reading, but also the odd one that allows me to do something I particularly love - random lists centred around books on a topic. I'm looking forward to filling it in when I'm on a bus, or at work, or any other time that I sit down for a little daydream and a ponder. 

A gorgeous china teacup and selection of teas went down a treat....in fact, I've been full of cold since receiving my box, and the teas have helped me feel a little better. Yay for tea and for the lovely person that chose to send me some. Tea equals love. As does the silver heart decoration which will be going on my christmas tree forthwith!

But I think my favourites have to be the last two items. The antique style bookplates I love because I was having a conversation about bookplates just the other day, as they always remind me of being younger and being obsessed with having one inside every book I owned, lest it grow legs and go for a walk. These definitely indulge the inner librarian within me! 

Lastly but very much not least is the necklace that was made by my curious box sender, with a pattern from an antique book carved into it. To have something someone made, and made with me in mind is simply wonderful."

Sara Hook

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