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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #156

 "Hello! My box has arrived and I LOVE it!

I had completely forgotten about it until the postman turned up, very interested to hear what on earth it was…

My wonderfully curious friend designed and made a beautiful curious Christmas card and print for me – I’m so touched. And the box was themed around hearts – perfect for me.

As I unwrapped each parcel, little silver hearts trickled out of the box – my daughter was fascinated and has been playing with them since. So here is a quick list of the beautiful things I received…

·         A beautiful handmade Curious Christmas card
·         A stunning handmade print – “Follow your heart and you won’t get lost”
·         A gorgeous milk jug with spotted chickens – it will make me smile every time I use it
·         A lovely lantern – it looks beautiful lit next to the Christmas tree
·         A wonderful heart shaped trinket box – had to stop my daughter using it like coconuts to make a horsey sound!!!
·         A heart decoration – I LOVE these – hadn’t already got one and almost bought one the other day
·         Lots of little padded silver hearts (which my daughter has just served up to me as ‘breakfast’)

Thank you, thank you, thank you my curious friend, I love it all.  And thanks to Tiffany for setting up such a fantastic project. Wishing you all a wonderfully curious Christmas and an even curiouser 2012."

Nicola x

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  1. Oooh yay, this was the box I sent :) Merry Christmas Nicola! xxx