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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #157

"I didn't get to take a picture of my box with all its content wrapped up beautifully, as my children screamed when they saw it and kindly offered to rip all the paper off. My curious box maker added three cards, one for reading first and two for reading after opening the presents. The first card told me that she had thought for a long time about what to send and that she ended up buying everything from Tesco and that it represented her Christmas. It was a great joy to open everything (well, to watch my kids open everything) and a lot of items left us in surprise. A bag of cous cous? A packet of picture hooks? Ibuprofen? The next two cards explained everything though, and I loved reading about my curious sender's Christmas. I could picture it completely. 

Here is what my box contained: A book, a Christmas DVD, some stocking filler bath salts, a little 2012 diary, red nail polish, a bag of cous cous, a box of ibuprofen, a packet of picture hooks, a box of chai, Christmas socks and some brilliant Christmas reindeer earrings. Oh and a box of chocolate fingers that magically disappeared... 

The sender wrote that she is not good in making things, so she bought everything instead. It felt strange that somebody bought all those things for me. Reading the cards made the whole box come alive and I could feel the huge effort she took to put everything together and it made me feel very grateful. So a huge thank you to you my curious friend. May you have a brilliant Christmas. I will be wearing my new socks and my reindeer earrings (oh yes!) and I am sure I will be needing some of that ibuprofen the next day. 

Oh and for that cous cous. Apparently you should sprinkle some over your potatoes before they go in the oven, or so says my curious friend's mum... I will definitely give that a try. 

Thank you Curious Project and Happy Christmas to all!"

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