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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #158

"On Saturday morning I trundled off to the post office with a handful of "sorry we missed you" cards. Most of the boxes I collected were my own online shopping but I knew there was one special box waiting for me as the card was addressed to "The Curiosity Project".

My beautifully wrapped little box was handed to me over the counter and I couldn't wait to get it home and open it!

My curious friend had sent me a beautifully wrapped box, with each item inside containing a little label explaining what each item was for.

 My box contained:

Cockerel feathers
A fake egg
Vintage sugar tongs
Vintage butter curler
Christmas bunting
Paper straws
Christmas tree decoration
Cupcake (not a real one!)
Penguin classic

I was really excited by the cockerel feathers, I had mentioned in my info about me that I kept chickens so I did indeed appreciate this. I also loved the fake egg, very realistic and so much fun. My cat also loved it and has been knocking it around the kitchen floor ever since.

LOOK! It's a Curiosity Kitty!

There were lots of lovely items for having a nice cup of tea, a coast, vintage sugar tongs (which are beautiful) and a retro butter curler for making a really sophisticated afternoon tea. I even had a cupcake! And once I have sat down with my cuppa I have a lovely old Penguin Classic to read. 

The Christmas bunting (hanging down in front of the table) has taken pride of place in my front window, so my house is finally looking a bit Christmassy. And the decoration is hanging on my tree. It contains cloves so it smells really yummy.

Thank you so much to my curious friend, it was a real treat to get such a lovely parcel with lots of lovely thoughtful presents. I wish you a very Merry Christmas."

Laura x 

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