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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #159

"I arrived home from work on Thursday to find a Curious parcel on the living room table, it was for me :) "so you're the curious friend!" my mum said.
Just about managing to contain my excitement I photographed the parcel before tearing off the brown paper to reveal a decoupaged box tied up with string. 
As I opened the lid wonderful Christmasy smells poured out filling the room, there was a card and some shredded tissue hiding the contents, the box was filled with lots of individually wrapped presents.  

Fabulous fabric bundles
Lovely Lace
Fancy feathers
Splendid sparkly bits
Delightful Decoration, Christmas Pudding :)
Heavenly hot chocolate
Magnificent magnets rainbow coloured, I love rainbow colours
Gorgeous granny square and googly eyes, love googly eyes
Tiny tin pail with hearts on
Super smelling candles, cherries on snow and Christmas Cupcake
Cracking candle holder

I cant wait to create something with the fabric, lace and sparkly bits from my box while drinking the hot chocolate I imagine.

Miss Curiosity, I thank you for my wonderful box of goodies, I had such a lovely time opening all of the presents, such a great mix of practical, pretty and fun. 

Thank you :)"

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