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6 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #16

Good morning (or evening) one and all! As Christmas creeps ever closer, this Tuesday starts off with a sensory box, filled with the scent of Christmas and winter. Gorgeous...

"I received my box on Thursday. It was well packed and after opening it I found this simple but lovely box. Inside the box was a tree! No, not quite a tree, but rather loads of beautiful Christmas greenery, which promptly was moved to the fireplace mantel to decorate it.

There was also a gorgeous Christmas ornament and a book of Christmas tales by Charles Dickens, including of course "A Christmas Carol". My gift-giver had included a note that explained the choices and how the box summed up Christmas and traditions for them, including reading "A Christmas Carol" on Christmas Eve and buying one new extravagant ornament every year.

I especially appreciate the ornament, as it reminds me of the Christmas markets in Germany, where I lived for over a decade. Thank you my Curious Giver and Merry Christmas to you! Merry Christmas to everyone!"



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