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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #160

"So, it arrived!!! Ma boîte est arrivée, hourra!!! 
It was waiting quietly in my letter box!! 
As soon as I saw the brown paper all around, I knew it was THE box!! 

The children are on holidays here, so I called my eleven year old daughter, as she was as curious as me about this project!! 
Some nice words on the paper...I opened the packet, and find...pop corn, everywhere in the box!!! So funny, it makes me smile!! 

In the box, many sweet little things, and a letter from my mysterious recipient. Little paper umbrellas, to decorate our Christmas drinks, I love little umbrellas, and I will use them!! 

Some seeds, to have carrots next autumn (I have a big big garden, and make my vegetables and flowers grow!), a chocolate angel, a Guardian Angel, made of wood, "because we all need one" (mine is probably my father passed away when I was younger, and looking after me in Heaven...). This angel will stay in my office, when I work making hair accessories, to remember my sender!! 
Some cute little sparkly baubles, that I will hang in my tree this afternoon!! 
Some pegs with red hearts, and little shiny wood decorations, to be hung in the tree too!! And (I was amazed, and over the moon!!), little HANDMADE chocolates, and this yummy ginger and almond cake!! I will taste it this evening with my daughter, and hubby, and I know it will be very good (as I love cooking, I know this :-)!!)...

So, thank you, merci MERCI, my curious sender, you made my week, on this sad and rainy day, it was so good to receive such a nice box!! 
I haven't seen mine on the blog yet, and I'm a little afraid, as my first one never arrived to the sender in September...but this box is in my kitchen, don' t worry about it!!! 

Thanks, Tiffany, for having such a simple, but brilliant idea of sharing boxes full of happiness and love......I wish a happy Christmas to you, to my mysterious friend, and to all the girls and boys of the Curiosity Project!! 

PS: please, apologizes for my English...I'm French, so forgive me ;-))"

Your English is better than most of ours! It was a joy to read your story, thank you! 


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  1. So nice to see you recieved the box. I'm glad you liked the goodies :-) your curious sender x