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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #162

"Yayyy!! My curiosity box arrived!

It came on a Sunday morning, the day after my daughter's birthday party so I was absolutely exhausted and not expecting it at all (I've NEVER had Royal Mail deliver me anything on a Sunday before...?!) It was really lovely timing though as my sister was visiting and she is absolutely besotted with the idea of the curiosity project since I told her all about what I've been doing...

I could barely wait to get it open and tore the packaging to shreds trying to get at the contents. We've just booked our wedding for next year so this Christmas we're not giving or receiving any grown-up gifts, just concentrating on the children instead. I have to admit that I've been super super excited to receive my little box of treat as I know I won't be getting many on Christmas day!

I wasn't disappointed! I didn't find a box inside - just a note apologising that my sender couldn't find anything suitable - but I did find 4 beautifully wrapped gifts and a card. I opened the card first, and was absolutely thrilled to see that my sender had decided to theme my gift after seeing that I'm due to get married. So, in my package, I found something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. I'm fairly sure that upon reading this I let out a little 'Squeeeeeee!!!' - I just love love love this idea and am so touched that my sender had been so thoughtful to tailor my gifts in this way. 

Anyway, I excitedly set out on opening the actual packages (with a little help and much curiosity from my little girls - see, it's spreading!) and revealed:

Something Old: A copy of the 1960 film 'The Apartment' on DVD - I absolutely love this film after catching it once, years ago on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's something I'd never have thought to buy myself and can't wait to put it on over Christmas with the man and a mug of mulled wine one evening. There was also a beautiful vintage saucer in this package which I accidentally bashed on the table when I was getting the presents out (see, I told you I was eager!) - I was so relieved to see it was still in one piece!

Something New: An absolutely stunning tea-light holder and pearl and flower bracelet. I love candles and we light them most evenings in our house - especially over Christmas - so it's fair to say this will be getting a lot of use. We're also planning on having lots of candles and our winter wedding next year, and I love the idea of using a little gift from a stranger on our big day... The bracelet is absolutely beautiful, I love statement jewellery and this will go with so many outfits (if my little girls don't get their hands on it first, they're very taken with it!)

Something Borrowed: In this package was a beautifully scented lavender bag - my older daughter absolutely adores lavender so I will be donating this to her pyjama drawer as a little treat. There was also a collection of love stories by writer Dan Rhodes - I've never heard of him before but the book is perfect for me - I'm an English student and have precious little time for reading for pleasure - the short stories in this book will suit me perfectly for the odd moment I can grab ten minutes to myself with a hot bath (my favourite guilty pleasure!)

Something Blue: In this package was a small book of cat comic-strips by Liz Lunney (a gift that's already been stolen by my animal-obsessed younger daughter...) and paper clip (perfect for sorting out the mountains of coursework I have stacking up) and a gorgeous shade of nail varnish which I've been wanting to try for ages. This is one my little ones will definitely not be stealing!

I've loved taking part in this project and will definitely be signing up for the next one - along with my other half and my sister and probably many many others to whom I've spread the curiosity bug. Thank you for arranging such a fabulous little scheme, and of course big big huge thanks to my sender for such a thoughtful, delightful and well put-together little parcel. It put a huge huge smile on my face :)

Very Merry Christmas wishes to her, and to all who took part. Here's to 2012..."

Laura xxx

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