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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #163

"Today I came home from work and met the postman at my door- he had a parcel for me from Wales :) I was very excited to open it and I just loved it. 
Thank you my curious friend - such a thoughtful box you put together for me, I especially love the gift tags and your words on it.

In my box I found: 
- A scented ornament
- A Christmas tree bulb saying "Nadolg Llawen" (Merry Christmas or Fröhliche Weihnachten as we say in Germany)
- A Christmas lip balm
- A lovely button which will go on my coat :)
- A chocolate Christmas stocking
- A welsh cream liqueur (mhm- looking forward to it)
- A booklet with postcards of artworks by Gwen John (as an art teacher I´m always happy to get to know new artists)

Everything came in a beautiful tin box (I just love that box) and with a sweet Christmas card.
Thank you so much- I´m ever so happy today and thanks for this great project, I will for sure take part again in a curious project..."

Love Hannah  

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