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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #164

 "After a very long and busy week at work I arrived home on Thursday evening to find a 'while you were out' card on the doormat and was ever so excited to see 'A Curious Friend' scribbled in the name section. The postman also wrote "box with red and gold hearts" on the card which added to my excitement. I was really eager to see my box but sadly had to wait until the following day to collect it.

I rushed to the sorting office early the next morning on the way to work and was excited to see my box was wrapped in lovely patterned wrapping paper and tied with ribbon. I managed to stop myself opening it there in the car and waited patiently until I arrived at the office. There I ripped open the paper to find a cardboard box with festive stamps and a sweet stamped gift tag. 

Inside I discovered lots of wrapped goodies:

- An origami dog
- A lovely flower brooch (made by my sender perhaps?)
- A Lindor chocolate Santa (my favourite chocolate, which lasted about 2 minutes!) 
- A fantastic Koons style balloon dog tree decoration! 
- Some super soft sparkly socks (which have been keeping my feet nice and warm the last few nights!)
- A sweet deer ornament
- A babushka doll notebook (love this as I recently started collecting babushka dolls and have become a bit obsessed with them!)

Just want to say thank you very much to my sender for putting my box together, it was a real treat at a time when I've been working nonstop and in need of a nice surprise! Also big thanks must go to Miss Curiosity for starting such a fantastic project. I really enjoyed making my box and it was so exciting to receive a box of treats from a stranger as well!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!"

Love, Hayley xo

1 comment:

  1. Hi Hayley,

    So glad you like the little gifts i sent!
    Hope you had a great christmas and best wishes for 2012.

    your curious sender. xx