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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #165

"After a day at home sick (like loads of other people doing the project, it seems), I finally felt well enough, dosed up on a combination of Lemsip tablets and hot Ribena, to go and collect my box from the sorting office. 

I'm still amazed by the effort that people will go to to pay attention to the snippets of information people give them to make sure that the boxes are personal, but also to include things that are important to them, so you get a sense of who the sender is, too.

In my box, I received:

* A gorgeous notebook (to be put to use planning my novel)
* A mini panettone (thinking I might turn this into a mini Bread & Butter pudding)
* Some homemade gift tags (too good to use for anyone but very special people)
* A 'It's nice to be nice' tea towel (weirdly, this seems to have been bought from 'To Dry For', which is based in Oxford, where I live. I often visit the shop, which is run by a really nice guy, so it's nice that the project has led to him getting more custom)
* Lemon and ginger teabags (which will hopefully help me get better)
* A bath bomb
*Some lovely photo frame magnets, including an empty one, into which I've inserted a photo of my needle-felted yeti drowning in sprouts (see pics)
* One of my sender's favourite postcards, of a penguin and penguin chick (so cute, although I feel guilty for removing it from your collection!)
* Robin earrings, which I'm wearing right now!

Oh, and also a lovely typed list of wishes for the next year, including 'kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art'. As it happens, after 3 very single years living in the Lake District, I have just moved to Oxford and happened to have chanced upon someone to kiss ... I'm not sure he thinks I'm wonderful, but he is a wonderful kisser ... And I've asked for a screen printing kit for Christmas, so that should be the art sorted!

I've enjoyed every minute of the project, so huge thanks to my sender and to Tiffany. When will the next project be?!"

Cripes Rachael-give us a chance to catch our breath after this one...and then we'll be back for another! ;-)


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