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6 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #17

My box arrived this morning, just a plain cardboard box, but inside lots of lovely little presents all wrapped in beautiful tissue paper.

My friend sent a postcard with a John Lennon quote from Leeds Postcards (a clue as to where she's from?  I hope so, Leeds is my favourite city) and a note to say I have been much talked about at her work as she's involved friends in suggestions of what to include. I thought this was lovely and spreads the curiosity even further... 

I received:

- some gorgeous homemade bunting, perfect to decorate my soon to be redecorated spare bedroom/dressing room
- some lovely smelling homemade soap
- a beautiful ceramic pie bird, I love cooking and winter is the best time for making hearty pies so this will come in very handy
- some pretty cupcake cases, my work colleagues will be very pleased as my baking always gets shared with them
- some equally pretty notecards with pictures of cakes on them and - even better - the recipes for them on the back.  Just the things to fill the cake cases with!
- some small but perfectly formed cake cutters in the shape of butterflies, more baking!  Hurrah!
- a Little Miss Curious badge that made me smile
- and finally some absolutely amazing tiny origami stars.  I wish I could make something like this, they are beautiful and will decorate my mantelpiece this Christmas and remind me of my Curious Friend.

I have been ill for a couple months, off work and virtually housebound; receiving my box has cheered me up so much.  I really appreciate the thought and kindness that my Curious Friend put in to it.

Tiffany - it is a fantastic idea and such simple way to spread so much joy. I love reading what other people got too.

I've wrapped the presents for my recipient this afternoon and will post tomorrow, I hope she enjoys her box as much as I've enjoyed mine."

Karen xx   

You're very welcome Karen, it's lovely to see everyone connecting all over the world, making new friends and spreading some Christmas cheer. Get well soon! 


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