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21 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #174

"As I'm the person in our house who buys, wraps and organises presents it felt like a real treat this morning to receive a box addressed to a Curious person. I crept away from the chaos that is our house at the moment and sat all by myself to relish opening my box

The box was beautifully wrapped in what looks like vintage Christmas paper and had a lovely hand written card.

In my box I was lucky enough to get

✬ Two beautiful photos - already adorning my office wall.
✬ A lovely vintage placemat that will look great on my table.
✬ A notebook - always useful and will be saved for 2012.
✬ Some blank cards as well as bits and pieces for making - what a good idea.
✬ Magnets - on the fridge holding up important pieces of paper that I'd normally lose.
✬ Some old menus cards - vintage with an Angler's Complaint poem on the back - fantastic.
✬ Some heart shaped balloons - who even knew you could get heart shaped balloons - I love them!

All in all I was thrilled to receive my lovely curious box and thank you so much to the sender and very best wishes to all the Curious participants for a very happy Christmas and New Year."


Ohhhh you got heart shaped balloons! We LOVE them!

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