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21 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #178

 "I have been waiting with anticipation for my box to arrive, and I as so pleased when I went to the post office to collect my parcel. I queued for ages as they had attached it to another parcel of mine and filed both under C for Curiosity rather then my surname. When the post office lady said, could it be labelled The Curiosity Project and I said yes, there was a knowing smile from someone in the queue!

I received a lovely scroll with a letter from my curious friend..... and lots of lovely goodies. 

Some Raspberry and Rhubarb Jam
A lovely handmade bag - made especially for me
A large tea cup - I love tea! 
A favorite recipe for Spanish Vegetarian Chilli - Yummy
A key ring reading I must remember where I left my keys - made especially for me
A bag of sweets
A Joy Christmas decoration - also looks handmade - I can't wait to get it on the tree
And some Curiosi-tea - which turns out to be Detox tea - which I will certainly need to use in the New Year. 

My curiosity box has very much made be feel ready for Christmas, I can't wait! 

Thank you to my curious friend and to you for organising such lovely project!"

Love Iona x 

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