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21 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #179

"Hi Tiffany, 

My Box arrived last week but I didn't get it until yesterday when my daughter and I drove in to town to the Post Office ( and to escape a plumbing disaster that had me on my knees in the cupboard-under-the-sink in a fog of blue curses!) We sat in a cafe drinking caramel lattes by an open fire and unwrapped the box; everyone in the cafe was looking but pretending not to...

My Curious Friend is from Hungary and had included a note which expressed the hope that I would find the presents "foreign and interesting"; I do, thank you. I love getting interesting post and even better if its from a different country. Opening this parcel in a lovely cafe with my daughter was the perfect antidote to the stresses of the previous few days .
Did my "secret Hungarian Person" take the photo that decorated the box and card? It was perfect and reminded me of last winter, being snowed -in for  a month on Witchmountain

In my box I found:-

An owl shopping bag with big button eyes
Chocolates ( with my initials ) 
Hungarian Hazelnut spread
2 exercise books and pencils
A little "retro style" jug 
A pair of pink pebble ear studs
An advent calendar made of wood
A Hungarian Magazine ( inspiration to learn a new language!?)

I'm looking forward to putting the kettle on in a moment to make some coffee to drink with the chocolates, and trying out the hazelnut spread on some toast later. We gave one of the chocolates ( cherry I think) to my friend Hannah who was working in the cafe that day...I'm waiting to find out if I made a mistake giving the best one away!

I've really enjoyed taking part in this project and I'm hoping the recipient of my box got it safely as I haven't seen it on the blog yet... Lots of love to my secret Hungarian, Merry Christmas and many thanks. Do they have bears in Hungary? 

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