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21 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #182


Got my box today and loving it.

My boy freddie helped me open it, he likes ribbon so gladly helped.

Inside we found lovely bath bombs and soap, handy as Fred like to splash the water whilst checking that I am as clean as a cat.  Two books, one from an author I havent read and the other about London with places marked in it where my curious friend likes to go.  I love London and used to live there but finding interesting places to go is very handy.  Some Russian badges and dolls were gorgeous.  I am of Ukrainian stock and have always wanted a Matryoshka doll set, :)

Gorgeous dorothy style sparkly clips for my hair and a scarf for those bad hair days will keep me stylish.

Topped of with lovely christmas decorations and cupcake cases (who doesn't love cupcakes?!) and Im a very happy girlie.

Freddie approved gifts!

Love it."


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  1. Hooray! I am so glad that you and Freddie liked it, have a super Curious Christmas. R x