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21 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #184

"It's such a tease to have a Royal Mail card slipped through the letterbox and not be able to pick up your box until you can reach the post office! I had to wait a few days, and then was so busy Saturday morning I had to send Mr M out to pick it up as I was at my flat frantically prepping for a photo shoot that day for Dashing Magazine!

Everyone (even the model!) was enquiring about the project and we were chatting about what we'd received as there were a few of us that had participated. So I ripped it open and a pretty blue box and red polka dot paper awaited me. I had to giggle as that very moment I opened the box I was drinking tea from a red polka dot mug! 

Inside was a little note that read:

"I hope this packaged gets to you in one piece. It's just a few things to help you get through the cold winter nights. From Yorkshire Tea (I'm Yorkshire born and bred so it's the only tea to drink!) to some scented candles to give that warm christmassy smell. The book is a guide that every stylish girl needs and the mince pies are always a must at Christmas, and finally some decorations for your tree."

The candles went with me to my photo shoot so that was good timing and the tea will certainly get drunk! I'm not a huge fan of mince pies (though Willow the cat seemed to be) but I shall take them to my in-laws this Christmas for some brownie points. I mentioned in my mini bio that I loved all things stylish so the book was very thoughtful and when I have time will have a read (whilst sipping my Yorkshire Tea no doubt!). As you can see, the decorations (and candy canes!) went straight onto the tree and fitted in perfectly. 

Thank you curious friend, wishing you a Happy Christmas too! 

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