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21 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #185

"Today I received my Curiosity Box! 

I just managed to post mine within the deadline last week and have been eagerly checking the webpage to see if it had been received. Today not only did I get my own present in the post but the one I sent went up online as well! Today is also something of a red letter day for me as I have been working all year to build a website and set up my own business. Today that website went live and the big box full of presents that I received felt like a little pat on the back from my curious friend for all my hard work!

My gifts came in a lovely Christmassy box which I am debating whether to pass on and share the love or keep for myself to put my baubles in. We'll see how generous I'm feeling when the time comes! The first thing I did - after ripping off the brown parcel paper in a frenzy and getting my phone ready to take pictures - was read the (handmade) card. There was a very sweet message saying:

"To my curious friend,

Sorry it's late but I suddenly found it quite hard to send stuff to a stranger - not anymore - I have sent a bit of me in this box - all my favourite things. 
I hope you enjoy them and this is the start of a very special friendship.

Lots of love and merry Christmas

Your new friend.


This struck a chord with me as I had experienced a similar dilemma when putting my box together a week or so ago. Thank you for keeping going and sending me my present curious friend! Also out of the card fell a hand-written recipe for a curious almond cake, which will go straight into my recipe ring binder and might find it's way out over Christmas. I love trying new recipes and sharing them with friends, so thank you for this.

So, what was in all the lovely parcels inside my sparkly box? All kinds of treats for me! 

First up I spotted a big bag of sweets, the kind you used to get when you were a kid. This is brilliant news for me as I am a sweetie-aholic, especially the "penny chew" kind! 
Next I opened a little box to find a pretty bracelet in a delicate shade of blue. I like to imagine that perhaps this is the favourite colour of my curious friend?  I also opened up a small parcel containing a soft leather red and green heart shaped keyring - perfect festive colours and surprisingly good timing as I broke my keyring (shut it in the door - doh!) last week!

Another parcel contained a little notebook with pretty cupcakes on the front (yum) and the next one had some fabulous fairy cake cases with a great vintage-looking print on them. I bake a lot so these will come in very handy. Luckily there are 2 packs so I will use them freely and not hoard them because they are too pretty to use! All these gifts and there were still more to come, thank you curious friend! 

In the bottom of the box I found an issue of a magazine that I've never seen before called Mollie Makes - all about living and loving handmade. This is really thoughtful as I mentioned that I like to sew and craft things, plus I love magazines so a lovely new one like this is a real treat.  I was really a bit giddy by this point as I looked at all my lovely things and munched on some parma violets! The next parcel contained some gorgeous fabric and a little jar of buttons - these are two of my favourite things and my guilty habits, so thank you! I often buy lovely fabric and use it to make things for other people, so this time I will keep it and make something for myself. Thank you new friend for the gift of both the items, some time to myself being creative and whatever I end up making with your lovely fabric and buttons. 

My last gift from my unknown friend is my very favourite and is so perfect for me and well-timed that it's spooky - a set of tiny, lovely number stamps, with a £ (pound sign) and some tiny little brown card price tags. I adore hand printing (both to look at and do) and have spent months thinking about setting up my shop, pricing things etc, so this just seemed like it was sent by magic especially for me.

Thanks magic curious friend for being a part of a very special day for me as I launch my new business into the world. 

Thanks also to the organisers of the charming, rewarding Curiosity Box project - I have already been spreading the curiosity and will continue to do so!"

What a wonderful box! We particularly approve of Mollie Makes-they love us and we love them!


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