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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #188

"On Monday I was expecting quite a few parcels.. One of which I didn't expect to be my Christmas Curiosity Box!

It was such a surprise to find it in the kitchen when I nipped home on my lunch.. I rushed to open all of my parcels (especially my curiosity box!) I almost forgot to eat!

When I started to open my parcel (LOTS of wrapping and bubble wrap!) I could smell lavender! Mmmm!

In the box was a lovely card and a description of what my box contained (I read first - I didn't jump straight ahead!)

1. Locally sourced chocolates!! (Which my Pops swiped!) The company who made them used my sender's kitchen for a photo shoot!

2. My sender loves lavender & I therefore received a bar of French Lavender Soap! (That was the smell!)

3. I put in my brief description that I love tattoos - I was told in my card that "I hope your clothes do too!" I came across a lovely iron on floral and swallow design patch for my jeans!

4. A lovely sparkly bracelet which my sender's friend made. (She has the exact same one!)

5. My personal favourite - My sender's friend collects oyster shells & then creates GORGEOUS candles!! They look so pretty, I don't want to use them just yet!

All my gifts are lovely! Thank you curious friend!


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