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6 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #19

We love it when a box comes in to us absolutely crammed with fabulous things and Lizzie's gifts were certainly no exception. Great to see a fellow Stephen King fan too! 

"What a box of wonders it was! I had completely forgotten all about The Curiosity Project, so was rather surprised when my neighbour caught me on my way to work saying "Wait there, I've got a parcel for you." I wanted to savour opening my box of curiosities, so I left the grand opening until I got back from work. I would like to say that it was rather hard to concentrate during the day, knowing that there was a box of treats waiting for me on my return home!

If I'm perfectly honest, I would have been happy with just the beautifully hand decorated "Merry Christmas" on the box! The box was overflowing with gifts wrapped in tissue paper. Laying on the top of the gifts was a beautiful ribbon garland laden with treasures pinned to the garland with small wooden heart pegs. If that wasn't enough, there were also luggage labels with hand written messages - true or false, quotations, curious facts. My curious person said that the garland is for hanging my Christmas cards. Little did they know that I've just moved house and have a lovely fireplace in my living room crying out to be dressed with a garland over the holidays. 

It seemed like my curious treasures were never ending; that my box of curiosities was actually Mary Poppins' bag! I was given a jam jar filled with ribbons and buttons to add to my craft collection, post-it notes (most useful being a teacher!), a postcard with Grandma's recipe, a Christmas stocking filled with more gifts, worry dolls, a panda shower cap and a book recommended by my curious friend to name just a few of my gifts.

What can I say, except what a joy it was to receive such a thoughtful gift. Thank you so very much to my curious friend.

And thank you to you, Tiffany. Our lives can be consumed by constantly striving for bigger and better things that cost the Earth and yet simply giving a box of treasures to a fellow curious person brings joy to all involved. A project like this can change the world."

Thank you for your kind words Lizzie, this project really has restored our faith in human kindness and hope the enthusiasm for spreading the love will continue for many years to come.


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