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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #190

"I received my box on Saturday and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my message:

My box arrived in the week and so I picked it up from the Post Office depot on Saturday. I got up early, leaped out of bed and skipped down there with no make up on, to wait in a huge queue in the rain impatiently stamping my feet!  And it did not disappoint!

I waited for my friend to come over (K, curator of box #48), because she hasn't received a box yet and I wanted her to be able to open it with me in case she doesn't get one of her own.

The box was simply lovely, tied with a stripey bow.

The suspense was ramped up by the tissue paper inside - it was like a lucky dip!

I dug my hand around and came out with a lovely little card, which said:

"To my curious friend.  A little something to wish you a Merry Christmas.....
A book about our fabulous city
Something for your Christmas Tree
Carmex; protection when kissing boys
Something from my favourite shop
and finally, two things to share my love of the Beatles
Hope you like it!
Another Curious Friend x"

I was beside myself at this point - I LOVE the Beatles! AND this year we've got a real tree in our front room so perfect to add curiosities to!

The hand-stitched Beatles lyric is the most glorious gift, and the wooden decorations are happily hanging on the tree.  The Beatles Lyrics book is literally incredible and signed by Jimmy Saville!!!! We were both squealing by now.  The dragonfly brooch is from a shop pretty near where I live which makes me wonder whether I'll bump into my Curious Friend somewhere on the streets of East London...

I got stuck into the Ladybird book of London straight away.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, I hope that you get something equally lovely in return.

Merry Christmas!
Ruth x

PS I also plan to make the most of the Carmex..."

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