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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #191

Voodoo Bob. Possibly one of the best cat names ever. Fact. 

I found my Curious Box waiting on me when I arrived home this evening, but I had to take care of one of my very important jobs before I could dive into it - fit the kits. So after their dinner and letting the one with outside privileges to go do her security rounds, I began slicing the tape to the outer covering. I was able to keep most of it intact so Voodoo Bob staked claim to it. I find a cute box with stockings that has some wear and tear thanks to the combination of Royal Mail and USPS, but otherwise still very much intact.  I dig through the curvy gold packing to the goodies inside.

 On top is a card with an earbud wearing pup on the front and a wonderful note inside: 

"To my curious friend! I was so excited to get you! You sounded my kind of curious person! Some of the treats I've included are dear to you and dear to me! Have a happy Christmas and an even more curious 2012! Best wishes your curious friend!" xxLxx

 Everything was individually wrapped with a note hinting about what was waiting for me inside:

❊ A book's best friend - a beautiful beaded and sequined owl and flower bookmark.
❊ Another pressie that's a bit of fun, and gives you a clue about where I'm from [on back: If you have not heard of them before, google the series...they're an institution over here] -A 50th anniversary edition of the original Ladybird Book of London. And no, I have not heard of the series before and will have to check out more of them online. it so hits my love of older editions.
❊ Something to remind you to stay curious every Christmas - a silver glittery dove that is on husband's and mine Christmas tree [we've been married for 6 years and this is our first tree together, so we're playing catch up with ornaments].
❊ A companion for your cats-A Corrigato puppy. We have been without a dog for around two years now, Voodoo Bob was raised by dogs and I have a feeling that 2012 will not end without a dog being added to the pack.
❊ Everyone needs a little luck, so I'm sending some to you! I hope whatever you find inside, will make your dreams come true! -an "I Believe" Fairy Wishing Coin
❊ I take a pack of these wherever I goes! They look very cute and are lovely for your nose - a polka dot tissue holder [and I was wishing I had some in my purse earlier.]
❊ Cute and kitsch! I hope you like! - a sparkly Hello Kitty hair bob that I am going to have to hide from my jewel thief Ocie. She even was thinking about collecting the sparkly letters that were sprinkled in the box as well.
❊ Part of my Christmas since childhood- pre gummed paper chains. I have a vague memory from childhood of making a green and red chain from construction paper. I will definitely have fun with these.
❊ Cute and practical -a small heart pencil case, a heart eraser, some clips with hearts and a heart covered pencil.

Thank you so much my curious friend, I love them all! [And two out of three cats are pretty jazzed about it as well]. This is one of the extremely rare gifts that I had no inkling of a clue what it was and obvious thought put into the selections. Tiffany, thank you so much for organising this and I'm glad I was curious enough to follow the The Curiosity Project link I happened across one day. I've enjoyed vicariously taking part in everyone else's boxes as much as I enjoyed getting my own. I look forward to the curiosity to come in 2012.

With Cheer!
Jennifer S.

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  1. All the folks who work at our Vet's know him by name & will ask about him when I bring in one of the others for well kitty visits. Truly one of a kind. :)

    And it's supposed to be feed the kits, not fit. Typing too fast again I suppose.