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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #192

"I received my box whilst at home with Scarlett who's had a chest infection (which in some ways I'm thankful for as it meant I didn't have to trek to the sorting office to pick it up!)

I did take a picture of the outside of the box, but my little camera died and I can't find the charger!  But it was wrapped in vintagey Christmas paper.

Inside were some lovely things, some made, some bought.  

 ·  A book of Bronte Poems - this was quite exciting, on my list of things to do in 2012, is to read Wuthering Heights.  And I've been to Haworth loads of times since I was a kid and visited the Parsonage so it was a nice touch.
·  Some photos of scenes from Yorkshire - My dad is from Yorkshire and I've been going up there since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  I've never visited the Ribblehead Viaduct but the photo of it I was sent it brilliant.  The Bluebell woods is also a lovely shot.
·  Christmas Baubles - That seem to magically match my existing tree colour scheme.
·  A little Christmas Pudding - Scarlett was very taken with this.
·  A knitted Christmas Pudding with a Ferrero Rocher inside - Yum!  This has been re-appropriated into a Barbie hat!
·  A felt rose ring
·  A Vintage Christmas Scene Postcard
·  Two vintage Hankies - one with The Snowman on
·  Cupcake and Cookie Stencils - Can't wait to have a go with these on Christmas Eve
·  Some canvas-y material offcuts - I'm not sure what to do with these, I'm thinking of sewing them together somehow to make a draught excluder for our front door!
·  A Gorgeous Union Jack Hat Pin - This is my favourite bit.  It has a little sewing machine charm on it which I love, I got a sewing machine last Christmas and have been making bunting for our wedding.  I've taken to wearing it on my coat.
·  A wedding card and a King and Queen of hearts - This was just lovely, I don't even remember mentioning that I was getting married but I must have done.  The playing cards are up on my bookcase.

Thank you to my Curious Gift Sender!!"

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  1. So glad it arrived safely (Did the glass jar with jellly tots in arrive in one piece?) lovely pictures. Merry Christmas and i hope Scarlett is all better for Father Christmas coming :)