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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #195

"I walk out into my porch to find a pile of parcels; my postman was obviously in a rush as I didn't hear the bell. I thought they were all xmas presents that I had ordered so was just slowly opening them. I got to the last 2 before I realised that the one at the bottom was my curiosity box.  'My curiosity box has arrived!' I yelled. 'Open it, open it' shouted my 6 year old daughter! (oohhh, is there an age limit on who can do boxes? I think she would love to do one of her own).

Anyway..... paper was ripped off and box opened. Inside was:

  • Cress growing kit (ideal for my daughter)
  • Pack of seeds to grow flowers that attract butterflies
  • Pack of seeds for lovely blue flowers
  • Carrot seeds
  • 2 balls of organic cotton DK wool
  • Sawdust clay pencil making kit (which my daughter has stolen!)
I shall very much enjoy using the wool, its sooooo soft. The flower seeds will be planted in my garden as soon as the weather starts to get better. Carrots will go in my veggy patch. Clay pencil making and cress growing will commence over the xmas period; ideal to keep boredom at bay while school is out.

No note with it so no clues as to who sent the box or where it came from. Thank you my mystery person :)

And thank you Ms Curiosity. Can't wait to do it again next time."

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