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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #197

"Dear Miss Curiosity,

I have opened my box of goodies and I was greeted by a fabulous card for a gin lover with a apology for late posting which was nice, I'd convinced myself I was either getting a box from the other side of the world or that the person hadn't bothered to send it!  but it was lovely to open and make oooh and aahhh noises over a box of goodies :)

Firstly, there was the card, which made me smile quite a lot :)  I love gin, in fact gin and sewing are my fave things to do.  Both together normally which explains any wonky stitches!

Then I pulled out this cute little house made of card, then I realised it was on a ribbon and there was more than one!  It was a bunting made of little pretty card houses!  How cute is that?!  I have no clue where I'm going to hang it but I have a feeling my daughter is eyeing it up for her room! It's uber sweet!

There followed some lovely chocoloate lollipops.  Again, I think these are being eyed up by my daughter.  And my son for that matter but I fear it will be pistols at dawn as I want to scoff them too!

Next were some violet coloured mini bath bombs which is especially sweet as my daughter is called Violet, although at this point she seems to think this whole box was meant for her not me! 

Finally there were some lovely covered buttons which I can't wait to use, I can see them looking beautiful on the back of sundress for my daughter.  There was also a strip of ribbon to cut into labels to sew 'handmade' labels into my sewing.  How sweet! :)

I think although my person was late to the game it was worth the wait!  My box was lovely, a joy to open and my daughter is convinced it was sent with her in mind and that I'm just the middle man! Not that I mind where/how the stuff is used, they will still be in my home! :) 

Thank you very much to my curious person for taking the time to compile me such a lovely box of goodies.  I hope they've enjoyed their box too :)  What a wonderful project all round! 

Merry Christmas! 
Nikki x

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