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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #199

"Well what a strange coincidence! I was sat all snug on my sofa, tweeting that I was feeling a little sad as my curiosity box hadn't arrived yet, when literally five minutes later there was a knock on my door and a postie handing it over! Oh the excitement!

I opened my box to find another box all wrapped in lovely Christmas bauble paper with a red ribbon. Upon opening the box, right on top was a lovely typed note from my sender. I have to admit, the first thing I did was glance to the bottom of the note where my sender revealed who they were - my box had been sent my the fabulous Annabel from Love My Dress! This resulted in a fair few squeals from me as I already follow Annabel on Twitter and read her blog as I am actually getting married next year myself! The note firstly apologised for posting the box a few days late, but now I've seen the contents, all is forgiven Annabel! 

The note goes on to explain the contents of my box..... (of which one of my cats Phoenix was eager to help with!)

Some vintage postcards, which Annabel explains she loves and had collected these in Whitby where she got married. I love these myself as well - also already having a good collection too! Receiving more of these though has spurred me to actually do something with them though and they will all be getting framed for the wall very soon.

There was a selection of toiletries; some fragrance spray, red nail varnish, some wonderful smelling Lush soap, and also some incense sticks. I feel a pamper night is calling me!

A vintage style bookmark from a limited edition that were made for Annabel to give out at a recent event she held - just beautiful.

A game of vintage Tiddlywinks! I'm told that these will be great entertainment after Christmas dinner, so I'm looking forward to the giggles with that!

And lastly, to get me into the Christmas spirit were some chocolate coins, yum! And a purple glittery reindeer - this is fab as purple is my favourite colour, its even my wedding colour next year!

Thank you so much Annabel for my wonderful box, I love everything you sent and it was all be very much enjoyed.

Here's to a merry Christmas everyone!"

Lorna x


  1. What alovely box. Was esp intregued to hear of the postcards and wedding as i live in Whitby too. Merry Christmas. Judith

  2. I am so so thrilled the box arrived before Christmas :)

    Thank you so much for sending photos in lovely :)