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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #201

"I received my Curiosity Box the other day, I was a tad excited.
I had it delivered to my work address, so the sender, could have easily found out who I was!! This meant that every time I had a Royal Mail calling card, I was disappointed to know it wasn't my curiosity box.

Mr Post Man has a habit, of opening my door, putting my post on the doormat, and then leaving. So this day, I heard the door go, finished checking and replying to emails, and then opened the door to be greeted with my parcel awaiting on the doorstep!

I instantly grabbed the car-keys and ran up the steps to my car, to get my camera out and proceeded to unwrap it, the sender has put some details on the back of the paper so I knew it has come from Bristol (would love to know who it was!)

I unwrapped to find a gorgeous red and spotty box tied with a ribbon, and packed full of goodies. 
Inside, attached to a silver bauble, was a note to myself. The Bauble, will be going on my Christmas tree in my new house. (Its silver, teal and duck egg blue!)

 Inside was also a notebook, a Keep Calm for Ladies full of Quotes (I LOVE quotes!) my favourite must be "You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you" - Mary Tyler-Moore, some candy canes which were delish! A Chocolate spoon which is wonderful as I only drink hot-chocolate, and even then sometimes I'm MADE to have a hot drink. A dove with a heart, which will be going on the Christmas tree, a heart keyring, for my new house keys, and a dream sign, which is perfect in brown for my bedside cabinet, as the bedroom is brown (well cookie dough actually!)

The notebook is gorgeous, and I have a stationery obsession which is great. I may have to start re-writing poetry to go in it. 

Thank you to my sender for this lovely box! :)"


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  1. So excited to see my little box on here & the lovely comments. I loved putting it together & even more happy that it brought excitement & happiness!!
    Happy Christmas!!
    Love Kirsten x
    The Little Wedding Helper :)