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22 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #203

My box arrived whilst I was away visiting my new nephew and I arrived home to discover a ‘sorry you were out’ card on my doormat. I was so focused on my own project, I had forgotten there was to be a parcel of my own. I was thoroughly delighted when the postman handed me the most wonderful, cheeky package with googly eyes staring back at me from the brown wrapping.
I was really excited to get home and was not disappointed when I opened the box. Inside was crammed full of beautifully wrapped brown paper packages, just begging to be opened. I felt like a child all over again!  It was so lovely to open each gift, knowing that it captured the personality of the sender who had added so many personal touches. They were really appreciated.

My box housed:

A lovely note, a funny postcard, Christmas pudding recipe, a CD of Christmas music and entries from the sender’s favourite blog
A DVD of ‘The Snowman.’
Soap in the shape of Wellington boots
Christmas paper chains
OPI nail polish (I love the colour – just my style)
A pencil (so pretty)
A ceramic angel Christmas decoration (which is now on my tree)
Cupcake decorative tape
Gingerbread men coasters
Chocolate coins (my favourites)
Pack of bells for crafting
Cinnamon sticks (made my box smell really festive)

Thank you my curious friend for such a thoughtful package that brightened my day and my Christmas.

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