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24 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #204

Today was the first day of vacation for me, and this morning I was out and about on errands, and came home only for half an hour. Just when the postman arrived and rang the bell to ask if a package was mine? It did not have my name on it (although it was sent internationally) so I was very happy and fortunate to be home to get it!

My sister helped me open the package. I absolutely loved the presents! There were these items inside:

- A very nice note in a "Believe in people" card, which is very fitting for this project
- A pretty illustrated book
- A pair of gorgeous earrings that I tried on immediately (from Indonesia!)
- A pair of horse earrings
- A Vietnamese stamp
- A collection of tea bags
- A special strawberry jam - will definitely try!
- Christmas chocolate wrapped very nicely
- A Christmas tree ornament
- Paperclips in cute shapes
- A keyring
- A badge from Tate Modern

I was especially happy about the Asian presents as some years ago I made an unforgettable trip to Vietnam!

Thank you Curious Friend for the lovely presents, I really appreciate all of it!

Merry Christmas to you too!

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