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24 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #205

"It was so exciting getting a parcel though the post. I was out when it arrived, but my husband answered the door to the postie (who was a little bemused by it being addressed to "a curious person".

It couldn't have arrived at a better time. I must apologise hugely for taking so long to post, but it arrived just after a family member died, so my mind was elsewhere. It did however cheer me up immensely and I am so very grateful for it.

These are the contents...

It was a fab box containing:
  • A bottle of Cumberland real ale
  • Bunny shaped handmade biscuits (yummy - I have 3 house rabbits!)
  • Lots of little chocolate Christmas puddings (drooool)
  • A finger puppet kit  (that makes 2)
  • A pencil topper kit (that makes 2)
  • A pansy garden in a tin - this is fab - I'm going to start it for my desk at work when it's a little warmer! 
  • A pair of very cute little handmade yellow button earrings
  • A tiny stamped heart bracelet with the message "a little heart for our big planet".

The box was so heavy due to the lovely bottle of Cumberland Ale inside (I love my real ale and totally forgot saying that I did!). The beer has been well hidden from the husband to enjoy when he won't catch me! 

Thank you so much to my curious friend (who spent lots on postage too!). It really did make me feel fab to get such lovely and thoughtful gifts. I keep changing my mind which I love the best!

Thanks to Tiffany for organising the project - it's wonderful!
I'm as excited to see what my curious friend though of the box I sent and can't wait for the next project."

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