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24 December 2011

A curious Christmas! Box #206

"I walked home from work today feeling horribly sick, with a bottle of pepto bismol in my bag, thinking that vile pinkness was all I had to look forward to this evening. And then ... gasp! I was greeted by a small card telling me my neighbour had a parcel for me, I dashed round  and picked it up and was amazed.

The filing box with dragonflies, butterflies and glittery snowflakes was a beautiful start, but then I opened the box and was just speechless. I totally forgot my nausea and I rifled through the cards, the chilli jam, the gorgeous jewellery (including handmade friendship bracelet), the crafty bits, the lovely mug (and teabags from your honeymoon! Curious Friend, you are the most thoughtful!), the book (which I hadn't heard of either and am also looking forward to), the fudge, the candle (green and white tea smell beautiful), and the Molton Brown shower gel (which I will save for my next cold as I suspect it will warm me right up and clear my head!); along with cards and photos and recipes ... amazing. 

I am so touched and can only hope that the recipient of my curious box is half as delighted ... thank you so, so much!"

Laura xxx

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