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24 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #208

"I'm writing to let you know my Curiosity Box arrived yesterday!! The box arrived at a great time, after lots of winter illness in the family. 

In my lovely box:

A lovely handmade peach coloured fascinator,
A vintage teacup and saucer
Glittery cherry patch
Some Urban Decay gimlet glitter make-up
A vintage Parisian postcard, carefully chosen as my Curious Friend got engaged there last year. 
A very lovely sparkly vintage brooch.
Some big vintage buttons, perfect for my crafting projects
A Flower Fairies (a childhood favourite of mine) hand written card
And finally and very excitingly a CD collection of swing music, which is perfect and weirdly telepathic as I'd just watched "That Swing Thing" on BBC4!

Thank you very much my curious friend, Chantelle. Only one thing, my box was addresses to, card was written to and very thoughtfully themed for Tiffany Grant Riley, not me. Bit of a mix-up? I love the items anyway!!"


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