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24 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #211

"Hi Miss Curiosity...

Like most others mybox seemed to arrive just at the right time to get me in the mood for Christmas having just finished work for the holidays, and after picking it up from the post office I dived right in....it was bright and shiny and gold and tied up with ribbon decorated with gingerbread men!!

And I wasn't disappointed - inside there were lots and lots of beutifully wrapped gifts, all colour co-ordinated and labelled to tell me who had made them.....

So in my box I got:
  • Candy cane (which will go on my tree but I suspect it may disappear before I get the chance to eat it)
  • 3 Christmas cards designed by the sender which were lovely and unique and I shall be putting them to good use
  • A fantastic button heart tree decoration which is hanging proudly on my tree
  • A gingerbread man for my tree...which has now added another to do thing to my list...make ginegerbread
  • A home-made candle
  • A ring, made by the senders daughter from buttons which was lovely....
  • A set of rose notelets which will help no end with my inability to remember anything!!
  • A hessian cushion
  • A bookmark - I am forever being told off for bending pages!
  • A fridge-magnet

So thank-you so much to my sender for taking the time to put this lovely box together - it was fabulous, although I don't think my Mum appraciated my unwrapping at her house when I covered her hall floor and myself (head to foot no less) is fake snow and cardboard reindeers out of the box - both the floor and I had to be hoovered down afterwards!!

Thank-you and Merry Christmas."


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