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24 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #214


After an eventful and emotional move from the UK to Germany, I was welcomed by a wonderful, magical black box. In it were 24 little envelopes / parcels and although it was meant to be a Christmas Calendar and I only got it on the 20th (it was sent well in advance, but I only got to Germany then) it was great fun opening the first 20 parcels. The contents were a wonderful concoction of images, little presents (earrings, wine charmers, buttons, etc.) and a set of challenges, all of which I will do over Christmas :-)

I absolutely love everything about this box (every number was written in glitter and I ended up totally covered in it which is never a bad thing) and whoever put it together, did a wonderful job. It really put a massive smile on my face.

Thank you so so much! (sorry for the blurry images, but I don't have a proper camera)"


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