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24 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #215

"I just thought i'd write to tell you I've received my lovely box!
It was sitting on the doorstep for me when i got home from an exhausting shopping trip, so I was very excited to open it with a nice hot cuppa!
In between some lovely pink tissue paper was a lovely Christmas card, and the following goodies;

Vintage-y pink cupcake cases
Mini loaf cases
Some lovely vintage looking pink doilies for cake stands!
Some cute cupcake bathbombs
A cupcake chocolate
Some tissues
Some lovely retro looking measuring cups/jugs that will look lovely in my kitchen
A gorgeous Cath Kidston magnetic note pad for my fridge, so I stop forgetting what I need to buy!

As an amateur baker wanting to go professional, I am going to have a lot of fun with all my new baking goodies!

Thank you very much to my Curious Sender and thank you to you for organising it all, its a fabulous idea!"


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