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28 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #218

"To my curious friend, apologies for the delay in posting pictures of my box. It's been a bit hectic and time has seemed to slip away...

Anyway, there was a tap at the door one morning a few weeks ago and I rushed to open it. "Are you a curious person?" asked the postman. I smiled as I knew my curious box had arrived! As I was working from home that day I thought that I could save opening the parcel until lunch-time (it would be a nice surprise) but I just couldn't wait so I hurriedly unwrapped the box. I was excited to find a beautiful card with a very thoughtful message explaining the theme around the presents - I've taken a picture of the message so you can have a read. 

Inside the box was a gingerbread candle, a squirrel postcard and a very cute mouse in a vintage matchbox; he is now residing under my Christmas tree. There were also some toys (a marble, a train picture, bee keyring, pen topper and ball) a collection of buttons and sewing bits and bobs, bird fabric transfer, fabric flower, a picture of the actress Olivia de Havilland and a handmade fabric four leaf clover brooch. 

Thank you for the time and care that so obviously went into this box, my curious friend - I absolutely love it! I hope you had a very happy Christmas."


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