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28 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #226

 "Apologies for not being able to send this sooner as I received my box before Christmas but haven't had chance to write this.  As suspected, I wasn't in to receive my curiosity box and so came home to a Royal Mail note.  I headed down there the following day, excited to see what I was going to be given.  I handed over the note and was asked who Miss Curiosity was - I explained the project to the man working in the office!  He took a long time finding the box but when he did I was gobsmacked at the size of the box!  I carried it home and then left it untouched until my boyfriend returned home that evening.  He was just as excited as me!

When I opened the cardboard box I found a card and another box inside, packed up very neatly.  I quickly opened the card and then got going with the items inside the box.  In the box I received - 

❤ The Goddess Guide book
❤ A bag of buttons
❤ Lots and lots of felt, so pleased with it!
❤ Some wool and knitting needles with some progress already made on a scarf
❤ Some mini pegs and string to hang cards
❤ Some threads and templates to make some decorations

I was delighted with my box and will be putting everything to good use in the New Year.  Thank you so much to my Curiosity Friend and her Mum too. Great project and will keep a look out for the next one!"

Sarah x  

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