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29 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #228


I received my box today ... HURRAH! I'd been eagerly checking the post every day for weeks, but, alas!, it hadn't arrived before I went away for Christmas.

Last night, I got through my front door really rather late, after a long 300 mile journey...nevertheless I ran excitedly to the letter box, only to find a "while you were out" card...nooooo! After struggling to stay awake the whole way home, I was now super awake and felt far too giddy to sleep - instead, I jumped online to try and find my post office and its opening hours. 

I'd like to say I leapt out of bed this morning but that wouldn't quite be true ... after pressing snooze a few too many times, I made it to the post office with 15 mins to spare before it closed. The postman looked a little bemused at my giant grin as he handed over a lovely purple patterned box ... eek! 

I was on my way to tackle the sales (all for want of a CD) and had to wait all day to open my box, but I think it was worth the wait. I settled down with a baileys hot chocolate, some baileys truffles (courtesy of Santa Claus!) and my camera.

The box was actually really well stuck down - it took me ages to get past all that sticky tape! Inside I found this:


After throwing the paper out of my way (there are still some pieces on my floor...!), I found inside a card with some great quotes on the front, and an even better one on the card: 

This was the message inside:

"Curious friend,

Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoy your box, I've included; a special blend of tea from an underground treasure trove in Covent Garden that I regularly frequent, hyacinth bulbs that remind me of watching 'Keeping Up Appearances' with my Grandma, James and the Giant Peach, well thumbed through my primary school years and Quality Street, because Christmas isn't Christmas without Quality Street.
Dont ever forget to do as James says, and dance away any problems you encounter."

 Don't think I can adequately describe my state of giddiness! The Curiosity Project has been such a fun thing to be a part of - I had so much fun putting my box together and then felt so blessed to receive such a lovely box myself. It reminds me that people are inherently creative, but that there is no one way it's expressed. I despair sometimes when I see incredible art work, or hear inspiring musicians and think that I will never be able to create like them - but then The Curiosity Project shows that creativity is different from being artistic and very can create something beautiful.

This is my gorgeous tea - I proper LOVE tea, and can't wait to try it using the the infuser thing also sent by my curious friend:

I think I shall pour a cup of tea, while snacking on Quality Street and re-read a classic - this book takes me right back to childhood, and I've just finished my current book - perfect!

I can't wait to plant these bulbs - I'll plant them as soon as I can, and wait for them to appear ... great to remind me that things take time to grow, and that even though progress might not be obvious, something is always growing.

Thank you SO MUCH to my curious friend...the box has been the perfect cure for post-Christmas blues, and has given me unmeasurable amounts of joy. I'm glad we share a love of tea - and Covent Garden! I'd love to know where to tea shop is..."

With love,

Jessica xxx

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