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29 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #229

"Hello there!

I received my box when I got in from the longest day - 8-5 in the office then a 6-12 shift at my pub job so I was ready for bed when I crawled through the door at almost 1am! I soon perked up when I saw a box waiting for me....

I loved how it had been decorated on the outside and couldn't wait to get it open...

Inside there was a card with a lovely message inside.

All the gifts were wrapped in blue tissue paper, which I was very happy with as this is my favourite colour! Attached to each of the lovely gifts was a sparkly blue envelope with a clue inside as to what was waiting inside.

My first present was a funky ice cube tray which makes heart shaped cubes. It will be at home in my freezer along with my yellow star shaped one!

I also got the cutest blue billed duck and some chocolate lip balm, smells just like the real thing just less calories!

The springy/slinky made me feel like a big kid and my boyfriend and I were trying to send it down the stairs at 1:30 in the morning, like you do!

I have a book in which I write quotes so the next 3 gifts I opened were right up my street...

The ‘Home is where the heart is’ card is being framed and put in the kitchen and the Doctor Seuss quote is going to live either on my dressing table or my writing desk and the bookmark is tucked inside my latest read already.

Finally I opened a lovely book of traditional Christmas recipes –I think I might have to give these a go over the festive period.

Thank you Adele for such a lovely box and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas xxx

Miss Curiosity, I love this idea and can’t wait to see what my recipient thinks of theirs, hope it makes them a happy as mine made me!"

Hailie xx

1 comment:

  1. I'm SO glad you liked it Hallie! :)
    I love the quotes too and thinking of getting the Dr Seuss one for my desk! :)

    The Blue is my business colour! :)

    Adele xXx