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29 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #230

"Hello Tiffany,

Thank you so much for organising this project - this was the first time I've taken part and I think I've managed to convert quite a few friends into participating next time too! I am sure that other participants agree that the challenge of putting together a thoughtful box of treats for a stranger is rewarded when you find out that you have successfully brought a warm cheery glow to someone else's day with your choices. Even better when you find that kindness is replicated once you receive your very own box of treasures!

I myself was aglow with pride and festive cheer on the day that I read the write-up of the box that I sent - then I got home and found my box waiting for me! Another exclamation was due when I saw that the destination of the box was France, tres chic, non?

Et voila, here are the beautiful and thoughtfully chosen items from my box:

- A curious Christmas mix CD (full of an excellent selection of carols and Christmas songs)
- A curious little Christmas book (a cute little notebook filled with quotes, recipes, facts and my personal favourite, French lyrics to Jingle Bells!)
- A gorgeous clear bauble filled with silver stars (which went on my tree straightaway!)
- Miniature silicone cupcake cases (I'm a baking obsessive so these were a winner)
- A tube of gold glitter (let's face it, if you don't love glitter, you're a little dead inside)
- French Christmas stickers 
- A glass heart suncatcher (the attached note: "something to catch the winter sunlight")
- Beautiful mirrored heart stud earrings
- And finally, my absolute favourite - a tiny jar filled with Christmas scents of clementine peel, pine springs, cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg. (All the goodness of mulled wine but without the deadly tannin-heavy hangover!)

The winter wonderland postcard included reads:

"To my curious friend,

I hope this finds you well. Happy Curious Christmas!
In this box is a motley collection of things that say Christmas to me, whether it's because they spark childhood memories, or just because they sparkle!
I hope these might be some new discoveries in here for you, as well as some old favourites.
Do say hello to London for me, I recently left to move to France, and I do miss it, especially in all its Christmas regalia.

Take care and stay curious,

J x"

Apart from the obvious thrill of getting a mystery box of surprises, what was so delightful about my Curiosity Box was that so much thought, care and love had gone into the compilation of it. Everything from the festive red wrapping, to the sweet labels that adorned each little package made this a box of delights! Mysterious Frenchy pal - how did you know that I'd just a few days prior expressed a longing for a bauble such as the one that I received? Or that I'd recently decided to start wearing earrings again (and couldn't have wanted for a pair that suited my tastes better?) Be it serendipity or the meeting of like minds, thank you and joyeaux noel! I would love to hear from you, so please do tweet me @DeweyDecibelle if you are so inclined :)

Hong-Anh x

PS. I have included a little present in return: a picture of Trafalgar Square, trussed up in its Christmas frock. Bon!"

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