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29 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #231

"Hello Everybody :)

My Curiosity Box has arrived just before Xmas and it made me so happy! Unfortunately my English is not fluent, so it will be short description. It doesn't mean that my pleasure was short, it was really great to expect it, to get it and open it with my family and cat.

Miss Tiffany, if you find any mistakes please correct it, thank you! I'm so sad, that I can't describe my feelings as good as I could write about it in my language (Polish).

In my box I found:

1. Wonderful handmade Chocolate Marshmallow brown sugar fudge with the recipe - how to prepare it. They were DELICIOUS! (And they are still -  I had to hide them - my family wanted to eat everything at once! In next year I will try to do it myself, I promise! :)

2. A  cookie cutter: Christmas tree - for making Christmas cookies

3. A cute white bird with a red cap - Christmas decoration

4. A tin candlestick with two candles (vintage style :)

5. A tin can with the candle - clementine and clove scent (I think I'll keep it for a special moment)

Inside the box each item containing a little label explaining what each item was for.

To my curious sender: Thank you so much for such lovely gifts!! BARDZO DZIĘKUJĘ! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, and I wish you A Happy New Year!!! Best wishes and greetings from Poland! :)"


You did an excellent job Aga, trust me, your English is better than my knowledge of Polish! 


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