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29 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #232

"I've been having a particularly difficult Christmas this year, and the day my box arrived was a blue one. I was very pleased when the delivery man came to my door and I was actually home to receive the parcel - a holiday treat! I was excited that it had the little blue "airmail" tag on it, for I rarely get international mail, much less fun packages like this one all the way from Edinburgh to Canada. I waited until my little boy was in bed and then opened the box. I loved the little "curiosity box" letters that my curious friend had collaged onto the box, very cute. On top was a little card, explaining that this was a "chill out pack" for the season, which was much needed. Inside I found a cute little tea cup, complete with a saucer, tea and a shiny silver spoon! How sweet. A tiny crocheted place mat with my initial was so thoughtful. 

Some authentic scottish shortbread to go with the tea (which I bit into right away!) and a castle rock "sweetie" as well. Some beautiful pictures of Edinburgh and a lovely little hairpin/brooch set definitely added a nice touch to the whole parcel, as did the festive red origami crane.  Last but not least, for my little man: a well-loved vintage copy of Winnie The Pooh, one of my favourites! 

Thank you so much, Kayleigh, for all the love and time that went into creating this gift. I treasure it and it added some joy to my holiday. I hope your holiday was lovely as well. And to Tiffany & Crew - thank you for the immense amount of care and effort that went into this project. A global secret santa!! How wonderful."

Julie Rice, Alberta, Canada

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