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29 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #233

"Well how to begin.  I have been waiting in anticipation for my box with mixed feelings of total joy at receiving my box and then complete despair at the prospect that my curious friend won't like their box and then back to complete frustration at the postman that he doesn't have my box yet (which on reflection is a completely childish reaction because it is not the poor postie's fault).  

It all started at about 7.45 this very grim morning.  My husband and I were still pulling big ZZZZ in bed when we were very suddenly woken up by loud banging and then the even louder barking of our German shepherd Obe.  My OH looked through the window in a daze and said, "I think it is the postie with a parcel".  One’s very tired brain (as both children decided that 5.30 was the time to get up!!) took about a nano second to realize that this was MY box!!!!!  I threw on my gown, forgot my glasses, and hurtled down the stairs and threw open the front door.  At this point I am sure the poor postie wanted to run away as nobody wants to see some deranged, squinty eyed, birds nest haired woman standing in her front door way asking you if this is my curiosity box.  How should he know for goodness sake.  I signed and ran upstairs, got the boys out of bed and started the amazing journey of opening my box….

The first thing was the smell when I opened the box.  It was a wondrously heady mix of roses, peppermint and other beautiful things.  Each item was wrapped in fabulous Christmas tissue paper and there was a very sweet card.

On opening each parcel very carefully and enjoying each minute of it and with many ohhhs and ahhs this is what was snuggled amongst all the packaging chips…

-Three herbal tea bags (smell amazing and a new experience for me)
-An upcycled broach of a little bird in an adorable envelope sewn from a book page (I have wanted a lovely broach for my vintage cardigan for ages)
-An embroidery pattern of vintage pin up girls (I love all things vintage and love the pin up girl images and my mom and I embroider and make quilts so excellent choice)
-A splendid rose decorated bowl (I am passionate about a good tea party and hold them regularly so this will now become a permanent fixture to my tea party crockery)
-A very cute wood Christmas decoration, which is now on my tree
-A selection of delicious smelling animal shaped soaps
-A Cath Kidston heart soap (I am willing to share the animal soaps but this one is mine!)
-A designer chocolate mouse and two designer chocolate bars (I am in love with designer chocolate and is one thing I am willing to spend money on so this will be relished with a cup of tea in a few minutes)
-Am amazing little box of snowflake stamps and stamp pads (The boys and I will have lots of fun with this.  I think my OH may get covered in snowflakes when he is ambushed tonight, hehe)

I love every single item in my curiosity box and am so privileged to have someone put so much time and effort into my box. Thank you so much to whoever sent me this box of joy.  I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. You chose items that are perfect for me and obviously chosen with love. I hope your box is as much of an exciting and joyous experience as mine has been.

Your very pleased curious friend."


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