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30 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #235

"My curiosity box was one of the highlights of the holiday season (for everyone in my family)!
The box arrived the evening of Christmas eve's eve right when I was getting into the holiday baking routine. I wasn't able to snap a picture of the super-cool newspaper wrapped box as my toddler daughter had recently discovered the joy of unwrapping things. I got to unwrap the rest myself and what I found was delightful! 

My curious friend often travels and I received a myriad of treats from afar! Strawberry & banana jelly from the UAE! Belgian chocolate (how did she know that I'm a chocoholic??). Holiday chocolate bars!
And what I consider the most amazing gift - real nutmeg from Indonesia!!! What timing! Added to some of my baking - wonderful!

I received one of the prettiest books I've ever owned - all about flowers! I mentioned in my about me how I love 'the old arts' and was my gift-giver perfectly right on the money. Winter just begun but this book has me so excited about spring. 

Also included were marbles! I haven't seen marbles in years! I do have fond memories of playing with them in the school yard and look forward to teaching my daughter. Another thoughtful inclusion was a miniature tea set that my curious friend wrote that she found in the rain!! I quickly hid it from view for a plan I quickly hatched...more on that later. A floral printed cup held the chocolate bars will now be 'my' morning juice cup. I love to share, don't get me wrong, but it's nice to have a special cup all my own :) And last but not least a really neatly designed postcard from Germany! So exciting to have all these beautiful and thoughtful items sent to our humble home in Canada. 

Now, back to the tea set... I saved it for Christmas morning and set it up with a little Christmas mouse in a gift tent from Santa: 

My daughter was so thrilled to be invited for tea by her new friend! The mini tea set has become a fast favourite. 

So much thanks to my curious friend! The send has no idea how much she brightened my holiday and beyond." 


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