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30 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #236

"I was very excited when I got home from work and my mum greeted me with 'your box has arrived!' She had been looking at it on the kitchen table all day and was just as excited as me to get it open and find out what was inside.

It was wrapped in lovely Christmas paper, it felt like my first christmas present :)

Inside were 5 individually wrapped presents. These were:

*2 beautifully handmade (well they definitely looked handmade) stockings with pearl buttons on.
*A red stocking with some chocolate coins in.
*A red tea light candle, which smells lovely.
*A glass snowflake decoration, which is gorgeous!

I love Christmas decorations so all these presents were a great addition to this years tree!

Thank you very much to my Curiosity friend :)" 


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