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30 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #237

"Shortly before Christmas (apologies for the delay in sending this in) I was waiting for the gas man to arrive to fix the boiler, so was delighted to find that the knock on the door was actually the post lady with a Curiously addressed parcel! The gas man arrived a few minutes later and found me unwrapping presents on the living room floor...

In the smaller Christmassy box were my favourite things; three small, delicate and quite beautiful vintage glasses - what the picture doesn't tell is that they have a pinky hue and a floral engraving [The sender suggested they would be good for ginger wine.... it just so happens I drink this all the time, I love the stuff!]

The DVD is the sender's favourite, she's on a mission to make the whole world see it. Unfortunately I haven't managed it yet - but hopefully this weekend I will!

The tinned candle has given the room a lovely aroma. The handmade tree decoration is adorable and was hung prominently, and the cookie cutters were used by my daughter. The handwarmer is just the cutest thing ever in it's little woolly jacket!

Thank you, sender, and a Happy New Year to you."


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