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7 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #24

"My box arrived this afternoon, yeah I was so excited. Can’t believe what a fun project this is. Once I got into it (lots of tape) it was neatly presented and all individually wrapped.
How pretty. I couldn’t wait to open them and I wasn’t disappointed, everything was just great.

Inside contained:            

❤ A box of Christmas tree shaped candles
❤ A huge amount of fabric
❤ Handmade soap
❤ Vintage singer dressmaking book
❤ Ribbon
❤ Handmade poinsettia brooch from lupin handmade
❤ Eyelashes
❤ Lipstick
❤ Sequins
❤ Earrings
❤ Hair pins      

The fabric is a nice medium weight, ideal for some Christmas stockings as I can do some nice embroidery in the spaces. I was well pleased and there is so much of it.

I also particularly like the vintage singer book, as not only do I love vintage but I actually have a degree in fashion design and clothing technology, so I really should know all this stuff.
I am going to start at the beginning and re-learn everything. It will be fun to do things the “proper” way. Who knows I may learn something new or discover a long forgotten sewing technique.

The soap smells great and way too pretty to actually use. I have put the brooch on my bag, very Christmassy.  The candles will look great on my Christmas table as long as no one tries to eat them (they look like little sweets). I love ribbon and sequins, I will use these on my next project. Everything else is to make me pretty but I have no idea how to put in the eyelashes.

Thanks curious person,


Miss Curiosity may well sneak that Singer book away from you when you're not looking Margo-guard it with your life!!!


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