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30 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #240

"After what seemed like a hesitant knock (I was watching TV in my bedroom, so I couldn't be sure), the mailman finally rang my doorbell and delivered my curiosity box to me! I was instantly delighted to discover it had travelled to me all the way from Poland.

The first thing I noticed upon lifting the lid was how nice it smelled (thanks to the handful of cinnamon tea lights that were enclosed).  Everything was wrapped lovingly with different patterned papers, ribbons, small notes, and teensy paper hearts. It was very sweet and reflected the amount of thought and care my curious friend put into it.

After taking a few obligatory shots, I opened everything with great delight.  Some of the highlights include:

- a set of coasters featuring tan and buff gentlemen in bathing suits
- a penguin stuffed animal
- an awesome booklet of temporary tattoos
- a floral button
- a sweet hand warmer with a little owl carrying pouch
- an array of delightfully textured and coloured envelopes
- an adorable little reindeer
- a postcard from Poland
- the cutest stuffed rainbow caterpillar I have ever seen
- an assortment of edibles (chocolate, tea)

There was an itty-bitty piggy bank that regrettably did not survive the trip.  It came apart in a few solid pieces so I will try my best to give him a second chance at life (thank you, super glue!)  The piggy bank did, however, contain some Polish currency, which I thought was a nice touch.

My favourite item is the book about Poland. As an avid traveller, I love learning about places I've never visited. When I was putting together my box I tried to incorporate as much of my country as possible, and I love that my curious friend incorporated a bit of her home as well!

Thanks for the sweet box, curious friend!  I always feel a little blue once Christmas is over, and receiving your box this week was a refreshing way to keep the holidays going just a little bit longer."

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  1. hurey :)) my box has arrived safely to Canada :-) Hello my friend, I could not wait for your description and photos :) they are really nice!

    I'm glad you liked your box, but I'm so angry that the little piggy wasn't alive when you get her :(( how is this possible? Ok, I know, it was a long road for her. Anyway I'm happy that other things were all right. I hope you had a wonderful XMas, and I wish you Happy New Year!! Take care, best wishes from Poland :) ***